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You can donate to help us cover the expenses of running a church—from salaries and utilities, to website and communications costs. We work to be good stewards of every dollar given to our church, and to keep our focus on making a more just, more loving and kinder world.


peace village

As the congregation of First United interprets today’s troubling times, it is working to position itself for ministry and service to the present and future populations of Tampa. 


The Peace Village is the embodiment of a vision for our church in the 21st century, including an innovative worship center, multi-purpose community space, community gardens, and, ultimately, affordable senior housing. It will become a locus of ecumenical gatherings, educational activities, programs and services that serve the range of human needs, from medical and legal, from childhood to seniorhood. Everything about this place will reflect the Beloved Community. It shall be a warm, and welcoming, healing, environmentally-friendly, sustainable village, witnessing to the unconditional love of God for all persons and all of creation.



First United Church of Tampa is partnering with a local elementary school to donate food to students who suffer from chronic hunger through the Pack-A-Sack 4 Kids Program.

Every Friday, volunteers will deliver sacks containing 10-12 different food items designed to provide nourishment for kids who have nothing to eat when they are not at school.

Children deserve to come to school on Monday ready to learn. Those with food insecurity at home are more likely to have trouble concentrating, poor academic performance and health issues.

With your help, we can work to end their weekend hunger.

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